Our Vision

A surprisingly low percentage of Americans have prepared even their basic advanced planning: wills, advanced healthcare directives, children’s guardianship. Why? The process is perceived as time consuming and expensive. There are mobile apps and web sites that help you plan your wedding, conceive children, track and improve your health. It was the late ’00s when we first sought-out an advanced planning service like we envision ICEPlan to be. We found none.

We could cobble together a few disparate services. But they lacked purpose-built features or were insecure. We’re pragmatic regular people who want a seamless, guided end-to-end experience from planning to document storage to action plan communications through ceremonial wishes.

We want to ease the decision-making burden in the time of crisis for ourselves and our loved ones. We believe that everyone—regardless of wealth—has an opinion about what should happen if they are caught in an emergency situation. We know that every adult has at least thought about and formed intents for the inevitable. The trouble is that at least 50% of us Americans haven’t legally recorded our desires.

Thus, the genesis of ICEPlan, a service that is in development mode.

Our vision is an America where financial and time constraint barriers are lowered, enabling anyone who agrees that advanced planning is responsible and important can get it done.