About ICEPlan

ICEPlan is a service that is in development.

It will be an easy-to-use, secure web site and mobile app service that helps people plan in advance for unexpected events or emergencies, ensuring the health and financial security of themselves, spouse, children, elders and pets.

It will be an affordable self-service solution that allows you to create and/or store medical, legal, and instructional documents for four (4) Advanced Planning focus areas:

  1. Care
  2. Medical
  3. Estate Plan
  4. Ceremony

Accessible anytime, you will be able to change your plan decisions or add/delete documents on-demand. You will also be able to grant ICEPlan account access permission to first responders and others based on who you want to have access to what.

With the push of a button on your computer, tablet or smartphone, a communication will be sent to your “in case of emergency” contact(s), alerting them to enact your “in case of emergency” plan.